MasterThink has provided services for numerous construction clients: commercial construction, general contractors, subcontractors, concrete, homebuilders, oil and gas, roofing, HVAC, and others.

Our clients have achieved growth in sales and profitability, developed teams to handle the complexity of their growing companies, improved consistency of team performance, and are enjoying repeat business from satisfied clients.

Case Study


MasterThink was retained by a subcontractor who faced the challenge of how to get its hands around his company that was growing faster than the management team could handle. While growth is what every company desires, that very growth was creating major problems.

Poor quality and inconsistency in performance were leaving clients unhappy. The owners were overworked and had to micromanage because they couldn’t trust their leadership team to get things done. The people were poorly trained and had few well-defined systems and procedures to follow.


The MasterThink team set up a system of management to teach the leadership team how to think and plan strategically as well as keep them focused on the key priorities. We developed an accountability system to enable leaders and team members to effectively manage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We established teams comprised of leaders and employees to develop a reproducible business model, and we developed a comprehensive dashboard that is continually updated to measure all aspects of the company performance.

We have also helped hire and train the right people for the right positions. Not only has the company benefited with a loyal team, but the individuals themselves are afforded the opportunity to grow and enjoy success in their careers.


Over the almost two decades that MasterThink has been serving this company, it has grown from $6 million to about $50 million with excellent profitability. They dominate their market niche and can command higher margins because their clients are repeatedly willing to pay more for superior performance.

Ownership has benefited greatly as well. The leadership team functions amazingly well without micromanagement of the owners. A reproducible and well-oiled business model has given owners time to enjoy their success and has positioned them to have exit options when the time comes. We have also been instrumental in helping this client open new divisions and successfully venture out into new directions.

One of our greatest pleasures in working with this company, as with so many others, are the relationships we have built there over the years!