You can plan all day, but if you don’t execute, it doesn’t really matter.

working the plan

There is a high cost for poor execution:

  • Lost sales, lost customers, and lousy referrals
  • Dissatisfied and disengaged employees
  • Waste and inefficiency
  • Reduced profitability

We can help you solve even the most daunting business problems, turn your losses into profits, and help you achieve your organizational goals. We will keep you focused on three key things: accountability, a reproducible business model, and team development.


How do we get everyone focused on success?

  • With a business model aligned with the strategic goals.
  • With an Execution and Accountability System that keeps everyone on track.
  • With organizational structure that clarifies responsibilities.
  • With a well-designed strategic portal to synchronize your accountability system.
  • With performance dashboards for measuring your progress.
  • By celebrating our accomplishments together.


How do we gain consistency in performance and reduce dependence on any one person?

  • By defining systems, processes and procedures for all aspects of the company.
  • By training and developing each person to follow the business model.
  • By hardwiring the business model into the culture of the organization.
  • By flowcharting the business from the first contact with a customer to the final handshake.

Reproducibility makes all the million moving parts of a company operate as one, and it gives the owner options to take more time off, work less, or pass the business on to others, knowing that everything is running the way it should.

Team Development

When we walk into a company characterized by a lack of productivity, negativity, overwork and stress, we know that we have some real work ahead to strengthen the team. A major barrier to achieving a company’s goals is an underdeveloped leadership team. The heavy demands of day-to-day operations can leave little time for developing the team, with everyone spinning their wheels but unable to make measurable progress.

The CEO’s job is not just to set the direction of the company, but to develop the team and provide them the opportunities they deserve. That’s a daunting task! But that’s what MasterThink does every day, coming alongside already good teams to make them the best leaders imaginable!

Our proven strategies take you from where you are now to where you want to be!