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Tori BrewerMasterThink’s success can be attributed to our exceptional team members. In today’s post, we put the spotlight on Tori Brewer – also known as the better half of the MasterThink CEO, Jim Brewer.

My Roots:
I was born and raised in Nebraska during the glory days of Cornhusker football. Neither snow nor rain nor heat could keep me away from the stadium on Saturday afternoons!

What experience in your life has made you prepared to work at MasterThink:
I have always had an eye for detail and a love for putting things neatly in order. I’m sure that if Legos had been invented when I was a child, I would have begged my parents for just one more set. Instead, I had to be content with jigsaw puzzles and paint-by-number oils. I loved geometry and diagramming sentences. My teachers demanded perfect grammar and punctuation. One of my favorite courses in high school was logic with its Venn diagrams and learning to see all sides of an issue before making a decision. Systems, logic, and order. That’s me. Sometimes I make lists just to cross items off. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing something brought to completion.

What do I love? Sewing, puzzles, reading, and tools. It is my job (and my great pleasure) to be the home fix-it-person.

What I do at MasterThink:
Now understand—I was totally clear from the get-go that I was NOT going to work for Jim. The business was his, not mine! Well . . . I soon became the silent partner of MasterThink, adding many more things to my jack-of-all-trades list—from writing, editing, and designing, to taking care of the many administrative duties required in running a business.

The company title I wear most proudly is that of CFO—Cheap Financial Officer. Yes, you read that right. Anyone on the team who wants to purchase anything must first pry the credit card out of my tight little fingers.

What gives me satisfaction?
I’m meticulous. Putting the pieces together and seeing something finalized – whether a sewing project, the flower beds in the spring, or a final proposal, printed and ready for a presentation. I’m a stickler for good grammar and if you are reading any document from the MasterThink team, you know it has been red-penned by yours truly.  I am the final editor and often the creator of most of our writing projects.

My greatest accomplishments
Faith, family, and fun . . . all wrapped up in our three wonderful children and seven amazing grandchildren. God has been so good to us, and I have not one single complaint.

Happy 40th birthday to MasterThink. I’m glad I could be a part of its success!



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