Employee Spotlight – Michelle Smith

MasterThink’s success can be attributed to our exceptional team members. In today’s post, we put the spotlight on Michelle Smith.

My Dream Vacation:
If time and money were no object, you’d find me aboard an endless luxury cruise to anywhere and everywhere, pampered and indulged round the clock. In the meantime, you’ll probably catch me out in the yard with my hands covered in dirt. Gardening is my passion; watching my efforts thrive and bloom is one of my greatest joys.

My Story:
My dream, even as a young child, was to be a wife and have a family. With my wonderful husband, two great young men, one very annoying Corgi, and a lazy black cat – I have arrived!

What experience in your life has prepared you for your job at MasterThink?
At the age of twelve, I discovered gymnastics. I ate, slept, and dreamed of the sport for the next six years. The hours I spent in the gym-honed my already determined Type-A personality into a single-minded focus and gave me the ability to set and achieve goals. This period shaped a resilient work ethic and a deep-seated pride in my achievements.

Post my competition phase, I transitioned into a coaching role, channeling my learnings and passion into nurturing budding talents and instilling in young athletes a pursuit for excellence.

After obtaining a degree in Marketing from Texas Woman’s University, I embarked on my professional journey with Lincoln National Life in their marketing department. A few years down the line, I launched my own small business, which opened a new world of personal interactions and offered me a different perspective on “coaching.”

A decade ago, I joined the team at MasterThink.
It has been an enriching journey, enabling me to work closely with people, coaching them to overcome daily challenges and sharpen their business prowess. Nothing gratifies me more than seeing individuals evolve, leveraging their unique talents and abilities to their company’s advantage and personal growth.

Something you need to know about me:
I love a good challenge, especially one that requires me to think outside my normal boundaries and come up with innovative solutions.

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