Employee Spotlight – Kate Hurlbut

MasterThink’s success has been the result of a team of dedicated individuals who use their talents to serve our clients in their journey to achieve their goals and dreams. We would like to introduce each team member and their contribution to solving these challenges. This week we are introducing Kate Hurlbut.

Dream vacation?

Santorini, Greece. The cloudless sky, the deepest of blue seas, the incredible cuisine.

What is the best thing you have read this year?

Atomic Habits! In fact, I plan to read it again and have my teenage daughters read it as well. It is full of common-sense fundamentals that when combined with the structure and a plan can be incredibly life-changing. Normally, my go-to book is a great historical war novel, but this is a must-read.

What experience in your life has prepared you for your job at MasterThink?

My goal in my studies at Texas A&M was to work in the healthcare industry. What better place than Houston, the land of doctors and hospitals, after my graduation? But this was before LinkedIn and social media. I knew no one, had no contacts, and had no earthly idea how to network.

Desperate, I decided to register with a temp agency, but having just given away their last position in healthcare, all they had to offer me was a temporary job at Royal Bank of Canada Builder Finance. In short order, this turned into a permanent position. It was a face-paced environment where no loan was ever the same, so I was constantly learning something new.  I spent several years at RBC and learned a great deal about loans, banking, and business in general, and also learned invaluable lessons about navigating life as a young adult.

Fun fact: I once processed, closed, and funded a loan for a company we were no longer doing business with. WHOOPS! My loan officer was gracious enough not to fire me.

What is the best thing about my job with MasterThink?

I love getting a bird’s eye view of the many industries, the wide variety of jobs, and the people that make it all work. It is truly a joy to get to know and build relationships with so many different people. I love seeing the difference that our company makes in the lives of our clients – both personally and professionally.

Something personal about me:

The phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” was made for me! From household projects to work projects, power tools to Power BI, I know just enough about everything to be able to create, fix, and solve almost anything, and what I don’t know, I can figure out via Google and YouTube. Jim pushes me out of my comfort zone and sets the example to always learn and read, read, read. I am where I am today at MasterThink because of him! It is his passion for people, love of learning, and vision for a successful future that has impacted me the most and has instilled in me a love of consulting.

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