The Final Step…

The last step is where too many stumble: EXECUTION!

You’ve planned, prepared, and put everything in writing. Now you’ve got to execute. If you haven’t completed the four steps we talked about over the past few posts, you aren’t yet ready for this step.

Our #1 advice? Set up regularly scheduled meetings to check up and check in: weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Weekly meetings: to cover small firefighting issues.

Monthly meetings: to review the status of department goals.

Quarterly meetings: to meet with the Leadership team and review overall company goals.  Review financials, get feedback, and deal with any unexpected and unwelcome issues. Course correct and continue towards the finish line.

So what have we been trying to teach you in these posts over the past few days?

Be a light wrapper. Don’t throw your problems into a box to deal with later.

Take the time to prepare yourself for the upcoming year. Late next fall you’ll know that your lights are ready to be easily unrolled and quickly hung for all to see their glorious light.

The results ARE worth the effort!

Photo Credit: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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