Be A Magnet

Be a magnet

Warren Bennis wrote the following about leaders:

Where there are leaders, work is stimulating, challenging, fascinating, and fun. An essential ingredient in organizational leadership is pulling rather than pushing people toward a goal.

A “pull” style of influence attracts and energizes people to enroll in an exciting vision of the future.  It motivates through identification, rather than through rewards and punishments.

Leaders articulate and embody the ideals toward which the organization strives.

What resonates most with you? Do your words and actions reflect the ideals of your organization? How are your leadership skills? I challenge you to read through the quote again, evaluate your current competencies as a leader, and decide today what three things you can alter to enhance your leadership skills in the next 30-60 days.

Lead! Motivate! Inspire!

-Warren Bennis, “Learning Some Basic Truisms about Leadership,”
The New Paradigm in Business: Emerging Strategies for Leadership and Organizational Change

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